Further refining my org-pomodoro workflow

In a previous article, I showcased a script I made to display org-pomodoro’s current status to polybar. Since then my workflow has evolved and I have added some functionalities to this script.

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Things you can do with a programmable keyboard

I love tools. Whether they are hardware or software, tools are the things that empower humans to build. And so I highly value good tools as they allow us to build things better, faster and/or more easily. As a software engineer my most used tools are my text editor, my terminal emulator and my window manager and therefore I spend a lot —some would say too much- of time customizing them as the best tools should fit the hand of their user. And in the physical world we have computers, keyboards and mouses which are the essential tools for writing software.

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Integrating org-pomodoro to polybar

I like to use the pomodoro technique. Initially I built myself for fun a simple daemon in Rust to handle the pomodoro cycles and I would display it’s output periodically in my status bar to be able to keep track of said cycles at a glance. But after a while of using that I switched to the most excellent org-pomodoro as it integrated better with my existing workflow. I wanted to keep my status bar indicator though as I’m not always in Emacs so I had to write a script to get the current pomodoro status.

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